Frequently Asked Question

1. Is OptimaFilm difficult to apply?
It is recommended that OptimaFilm is applied by a skilled film installation technicians. As it is not a DIY product, our team of trained technicians will be the only installers allowed to apply our products for our clients.
2. Is OptimaFilms expensive?
OptimaFilm is competitively priced and benchmarked against the top brands in the industry.
3.  Does OptimaFilms\' Films burn? Is it toxic or gaseous?
No, our products have passed standard regulation flame spread and toxicity tests.
4. How long will OptimaFilms\' Films last without discolouring, cracking or peeling?
Our films are constructed for high performance and durability and any defects in the products will be covered by our lifetime warranty.
5. Will OptimaFilms Safety Films scratch?
No, the film is covered by a layer of scratch-resistant hardcoat.
6. Is OptimaFilms Coated Glass bullet-resistant?
No, OptimaFilm is not built for ballistic mitigation.However, there is a range of safety film that is built for impact mitigation (up to certain force pressure).
7. Can OptimaFilms be applied to the outside of windows?
It is recommended that OptimaFilm is applied indoors. In the event that it is necessary that external application is needed to do the job there is a range of films that is specially constructed to suit such purpose.
8. How strong is OptimaFilms? Does it rip, tear, cut, break or peel?
Under normal usage conditions, the film is not liable to tear,break,cut or peel. Unless such occurrence is a result of vandalism , accidental damage or not following proper care and maintenance procedures it will be covered by our product warranty.
9. Will OptimaFilms Coatings shrink?
OptimaFilm is not designed to shrink under any circumstances.
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